291995 - 2024

Bola - 6 Assorted Pendants - Our Choice @ Special Price (packaged in poly bags)

A beautiful handcrafted pendant for the mom-to-be. Worn like a necklace, the pendant rests low on her belly and creates a soft chime when she walks or moves. From around 20 weeks, baby will be able to hear and enjoy the soothing sound of the chime. It will continue to comfort baby after birth too. A timeless keepsake for the new mom to remember those special nine months of her pregnancy.

The BOLA hangs from the neck on a lightweight, unbreakable cotton cord. The cord is 1.5m (60”) long and is adjustable in length, to ensure a correct fit for everyone. All BOLA are approx. 20mm (0.8”) in diameter.

Handmade in Mexico.


Packaged in poly bag with hang hole: 

Bola Packaging Sample Poly Bag