251995 - 2020
Wooden Teething Ring Rattles
Pebble - Moose rattle
Hoppa Organic Lovey Dolls
Bola Pregnancy Pendants
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BABY’S BEST designs Ltd. is a Canadian company based in Vancouver, B.C. We are proud to be the exclusive Canadian distributor for the following great brands:

BabyLegs – The Original. Like You. Leg and Arm Warmers, assorted sizes, including Organic.
Peppa Bonding Dolls – All-natural. Hand Made in Fair Trade. Incl. Organic. Baby’s Best Friend!
Hoppa Waldorf Dolls - All-natural. Hand Made in Fair Trade. Fully stuffed with pure sheep’s wool.
Pebble – Hand Made in Fair Trade. Socially responsible. Affordable collection of hand knitted & crochet rattles, toys, animals, hats, blankets. Incl. Organic.
Bola – Musical Pregnancy Pendants. A timeless keepsake for any new mom. Also known as Belly Ball, Belly Bell or Baby Bell.